Class Actions

Class actions enable those who have suffered wrongdoing to join together and bring an action against a defendant. They are a cost-effective and efficient way to bring these claims.

For example, class actions are used by investors to recover losses due to corporate misconduct. They are also used by consumers seeking compensation for product liability claims, data security breaches, or environmental disaster and “toxic tort” scenarios.

IMF Bentham often pays the legal costs of class actions, providing access to justice for those who would otherwise lack the resources to proceed. Our finance ‘levels the playing field’ between claimants and much larger, well-resourced defendants.

IMF Bentham’s leading experience

IMF Bentham is a market leader in investigating, funding and managing recoveries via class actions.

Our unrivalled service includes highly experienced Investment Managers allocated to each case, working together with our in-house client liaison team who provide logistical support, such as book building, mass communication with clients and loss reports.

IMF Bentham has funded some of Australia’s largest and most important class actions. We have developed unmatched expertise and achieved successful resolutions for thousands of claimants. For details of some of our past and current cases, see our Cases page.

For more details on the services we provide for institutional investors, click here to download our brochure “Global Recovery Solutions for Institutional Investors”.

"Not only litigation funders but experts in this field... Reliable and transparent"

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Key criteria

We offer funding for multiparty cases where the claim size is greater than AUD 20 million and the budgeted costs to pursue the case are less than 10% of the claim size.

How does it work?

Applying for funding is easy with IMF Bentham. Visit our Funding page to learn more about the benefits of our funding and how it works.

The first step is to provide us with information. You or your solicitor may wish to contact us by phone or Apply for Funding online.


"We finance claims against large corporations, governments and other institutions such as banks in order to seek compensation and justice for our clients"

Clive Bowman, Chief Executive – Australia and Asia