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Multiparty Cases

Multiparty Cases

As part of the IMF Bentham group, IMF EMEA has a market leading practice in investigating, funding and managing the recovery of losses suffered by multiple parties arising out of the same or similar circumstances.

In addition to providing finance, we have unsurpassed infrastructure, logistical support and expertise in handling multiparty cases through to successful completion. Our service includes dedicated Investment Managers allocated to each case, working in combination with our highly experienced client liaison team based in Perth, Australia.

Key criteria: We offer funding for multiparty cases where the claim size is greater than US$20m and the budgeted costs to pursue the case are less than 10% of the claim size.

Shareholder or securities class actions

We fund actions on behalf of investors as a result of corporate misconduct. Typical examples are accounting fraud, misrepresentations or omissions in offering prospectus, or failure to disclose adequate price sensitive information to the market, leading to artificially inflated prices of securities. 
On behalf of our institutional investor client base, we monitor and identify opportunities to recover such losses whether in Australia, the UK, mainland Europe or further afield.  

For more details on these services, including some recent cases we have funded, click here to download our brochure "Global Recovery Solutions for Institutional Investors".

Other multiparty cases

We also fund claims on behalf of retail and consumer clients, for example, product liability claims, data security breaches, or environmental disaster and "toxic tort" scenarios.  For more details, see our current list of funded cases.