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Corporate and Law Firm Finance

Corporate and Law Firm Finance 

IMF EMEA deploys investment capital to support the business needs of our corporate clients and law firms we partner with, typically using the value of litigation assets as collateral.  

Corporate Funding

For large corporates faced with increasing costs of disputes and limited internal budgets, we can provide a solution in the form of portfolio finance. IMF EMEA provides a flexible credit facility to meet the costs of pursuing claims and (where sufficient value exists) also defending claims. The greater spread of risk across a litigation "book", the more cost effective our pricing will be.  Our funding can also be used to provide your business with additional working capital.

Portfolio finance has specific accounting benefits for businesses, particularly for public companies or private companies whose valuations are based on EBITDA. Litigation costs are generally billed and paid monthly and are accounted as expenses. This creates a negative impact on profit before any contingent value can be recognised (typically when a claim is resolved two to three years later). The risk of paying your opponent's costs if the claim fails adds further exposure and increases the deterrent to litigate.  

A portfolio finance arrangement allows those expenses to be taken out of P&L. They become our costs to pay, not yours.  If the claim is resolved successfully, revenue can be recorded (typically as an exceptional item) without incurring any downside risk on the way, turning litigation from a cost centre into a driver of revenue.

Law Firm Finance

Non-recourse funding is also available for law firms seeking to monetise their portfolios of contingency fee claims, or portfolios containing a combination of plaintiff and defence-side cases. Our financing allows firms to share risk, improve the bottom line, deliver service at competitive prices, smooth cash flows while handling cases on contingency, increase revenues with measured risk and grow their practices.  This is a common structure in our USA practice, which was recently ranked Tier One for litigation funding by Chambers & Partners
In jurisdictions such as the UK where cost-shifting rules apply, we can assist firms acting on contingency by providing disbursement funding and adverse costs cover in combination.

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