IMF Litigation Funding Services Ltd (IMF EMEA) provides dispute finance, investment capital and strategic services for disputes in the EMEA region, which includes the UK, mainland Europe, Middle East and Africa.

IMF EMEA is the UK subsidiary of IMF Bentham Limited (ASX: IMF), one of the oldest and most experienced commercial litigation funders in the world, and a public company listed on the Australian stock exchange since 2001.

Our business is operated from London but is multi-jurisdictional in scope. In common with the wider IMF Bentham network (14 offices around the globe), we focus on the following practice areas:

As the specialist regional office of a leading global dispute financier, IMF EMEA offers law firms and their clients a risk sharing partnership which is tailored to the local market, but with access to a global team of over 40 professional Investment Managers; a substantial, transparent and audited capital base; and a proven track record of success resulting from 192 completed investments and a 89% success rate.

IMF EMEA's Funding Model

Our funding model is designed to maximise your prospects of success, whilst minimising your risk.

In addition to providing finance to prosecute your claim, we offer our funded parties:

  • Coverage for adverse costs, saving the need for additional ATE insurance.
  • Strategic project investigation, to help you conduct a thorough and objective review of a case before implementing the right strategy
  • Project management services, designed to facilitate the efficient conduct of proceedings and allow you to focus valuable management time on your core activities.

IMF EMEA's right to be repaid its project costs (i.e. the costs funded by IMF EMEA during the course of the case) and its funding fee is conditional upon success, i.e. that there is a recovery from the case, whether by settlement or judgment/award. If the case does not succeed, IMF EMEA receives no return and loses its investment in the case. In this way, we align our interests with those of the funded party.

IMF EMEA's Funding Process

Our 3 step funding process is simple and we welcome applications from any jurisdiction in EMEA.  If you would like to discuss a case with us, please click on the link below, or contact one of the EMEA Investment Team. 

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